Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Taiji Kuroda
WONDER: the size, shape, and color book series
Taiji Kuroda
WONDER: the size, shape, and color book series

The environment leads me to understand an object’s shape and form. It’s a type of mental puzzle. I started thinking about the relationship between positive and negative, form and counter from. Depending on our focus, what one see can be quite different. However, we cannot see purely positive or negative space because the two are inseparable and must exist together. My thesis project is series of books where one can experience this discovery by looking at the books and by turning the pages. This series of three books will show the relationship of shape and form from the micro to the macro scale. The first book is about familiar shapes, forms, and colors. The objects depicted in the book are both natural and artificial, Western and Japanese in origin. The second book is about how shapes and forms relate to the human hand, and how this human hand shape interacts with the shape and form of other objects. The third book is about how our perception of an object can change when the environment changes, reflecting on the boundary between seeing and recognizing an object. These books are for curious children and adults who enjoy interactive design.  





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