Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2015

Albert Hicks IV

Stuart Hall presents an understanding of what representation is, in the context of cultural studies. He defines culture as the way we make sense of, give meaning to the world. We all have conceptual maps that help us to classify and to organize the world, which is a basic genetic feature of human beings. The particular systems of classifications used in society are learned. Culture is a system of representation. Therefore, to understand one another's conceptual mapping, we have to communicate. This communication is found verbally, visually, technologically, through fashion, facial gestures, etc. These languages help to externalize the meanings that we make about the world. I begin to ask, how does an individual take in the several representations of a particular subject through multiple linguistic platforms and make sense of it all? THE RE- TEXTBOOK, is a set of PDFs issued by TopTopTopNews. The objective of each PDF is to combine popular news and media in relation to academic text. There is a lack of criticality that is inherent in the speed and delivery of news today. The academic text serves as a critical response to the lack of varying perspectives on culture, gender, class, and race. Each PDF will help to give more context such as definitions, insightful inquiries, and contrasting imagery on a subject oppose to groundless information. A different re word is used for each PDF that helps the reader to reimagine, rethink, revise, readapt, recognize, reflect, remember, etc. The juxtaposition of the accessible and the inaccessible will circulate the web on various platforms and will help to expand new ideas, process culture in new ways, and will spark progressive conversations throughout various groups of people.

Carolina Acosta

Carina Adijanto

Kathryn Adkins

Rosa Antonieta Andia Pastor

Che Ying Au

Nadia Bakst

Kevin Ballon

Tess Barber

Mercedes Beach

Trey Bedingfield

Evan Bender

Jan-Luca Berger

Liz Bergesch

Gabriel Berrios

Bianca Rose Bono

Zoe Sarah Bortz

Margot Bravi

Harlie Brindak

Stefania Brusatin

Shamma Buhazza

Daniela M. Casado

Edgar Castro

Dahye Chang

Alicia Chen

Jiayi Chen

Taylor Childers

Sanjana Chimnani

Yerang Choi

Caroline Chriss

Gregory Conte

Rafael Cordoboa

Gina Marie Costa

Karen-Cristina Cruz

Rachel Darmody

Amanda DeGiuseppe

Brittany DiPeri

Dariel Ben Dominguez

Phoebe Feng

Mark Foss

Lindsey Frazier

Anais Freitas

Amanda Goldstein

MaryAnn George

Camille Gervais

Sarah Gonzalez

Jessica Griscti

Anissa Hanley

Christa Herchek

Albert Hicks IV

Deja Holden

Mu-Ti Huang

Cari Hume

Zachary David Hurley

Anushae Hussain

Nicole Ignacio

Lama Kaddura

Sul Kim

Ji Hyun Kim

Hyerin Kim

Sunghoon Kim

Green Kim

Felicitas Kofler

Joan Koo

Hannah Kramer

Taiji Kuroda

Jasmine Lam

Alex Lardaro

Liberty Leben

Victoria Lee

Jayne Lee

Stephanie Leone

Crysta Leong

Sara Li

Liza Littlefield

Christopher Lucero

Huy Luong

Briana Lynch

Rachel Mak

David Marte

Nelle McDade

Kelly Merole

Marie Mhina

Riho Mineta

Regina Morgan-Muñoz

Ayla El-Moussa

Baki Mumkaya

Summer Myung

Caroline Newton

Sofia Oom

Adrian Ortega Pedraza

Rusbeny Pichardo

Maria Putri

Auriel Rickard

Nancy Rivera

Simone Roark

Emalis Robateau

Hussain Salahuddin

Benjamin Sands

Ariel Saura

Taleen Setrakian

Wren Sieber

Phuong Tran

Hilary Tunstall

Ujvala Abirami Vemparala

Gosbinda Vizarretea

Claudia von Hillebrandt

Marcus Washington Jr.

Jocelyn Wu

Jasmine Yacoub

Brenden Ying

Horin Yip

Christelle YuanYuan Zhang

Katie Zheng