Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Kelly Merole
How Did I Get To This Website?
Kelly Merole
How Did I Get To This Website?

How Did I Get To This Website? is a website that aims to span the gaps between what is commonly known about the internet and mysteries of computer technology. The internet and computer technology in general is considered a “black box” to most people. There is an input and and output, but what happens in between? A great majority of the details of computer technology are hidden from us by engineers leaving the everyday young professional clueless. How Did I Get To This Website? guides the user through the story arc in which a they request the website, how it gets back to them in a human-legible context, and all the steps in between. It will be delightful, clear, concise, and what is necessary for understanding. This information is not only super relevant to young professionals, but also super relevant to the time we live in. Technology is not something we necessarily question all the time, but it’s a discussion we need to start having. This way, we can progress on this internet platform in a positive way, and be more conscious of our surroundings and the systems intact around us to create on. Coding classes and hacking event popularity is rising quickly, and truly shows that people want access to understand and create on these platforms. How Did I Get To This Website? will provide the foundation for thoughtful critique, questioning, and awareness of the internet. It finally get everyone on a common ground and reveal everything behind the magic.

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