Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Jayne Lee
Shaping the Shapeless Web
Jayne Lee
Shaping the Shapeless Web

What is the shape of the web? How do you paint a picture of the web? We often forget that it is the screen, and not the web itself, that is rectangular. The Internet is amorphous and edgeless; it is shapeless. But in order to make sense of the web, we must be able to contain it to some degree, so we apply a shape; a visual to this shapeless virtual space. This series of experiments is a snapshot of a specific moment online. Here, there are two collections of website imagery that have been archived and divided into the categories "form" and "content." The first collection is a selection of curated websites that reveals an emergence of design trends and further proof of a global image economy. In the other collection, a virtual gallery-like space showcases translations of the forms of some of the most popular websites, exposing the structure of each within a "room." Through both collections, we see that the current structure and space of the web is rather flat. Easy access to the Internet has brought with it mass surveillance and an emphasis on curation, which are responsible for similar trends and styles, ultimately accumulating, as Marc Kremers defines it, into a "digital soup." Ironically the realm of design on the web is still considered new, yet everything looks the same. This series aims to persuade designers to test the boundaries of design on the web, in hopes to guide us away from repetitive design patterns towards dimensionality and depth.






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