Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Margot Bravi
What will happen when Karl Lagerfeld dies ?
Margot Bravi
What will happen when Karl Lagerfeld dies ?

Gabrielle Chanel created the brand “Chanel“ before the Internet and the digital age took the world by storm. Today, everything is digital: people constantly talk on their phones, purchase items online, and easily connect and communicate with the global community. During my two internships at Chanel, I personally witnessed how, comparable to the strength of the fashion side of Chanel’s brand that is known all around the world and highly acclaimed, the digital and social media of the brand lacks originality and power. In order to help resolve this issue, I am designing a set of infographic cards with a content aimed towards Chanel to bring to the digital team. During winter break, I had the chance to meet with the head-chief of the digital team, who was so interested in my project that he is taking me on as intern when I graduate. This further supports to the idea that they are interested in incorporating new, fresh content to their digital presence. There will be seven sets of seven cards discussing different subjects such as Facebook, Instagram, and more media such as Youtube or an online magazine. Each set will provide seven portions of advice, content, and inspirations that will be used as a tool to communicate a stronger vision, expand their brand presence with new ideas, and be inspired by great projects from other brands that showcase an efficient digital approach. It will make Chanel even better as it will open the brand vision to a new level.





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