Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Kevin Ballon
Kevin Ballon

We can’t stop making decisions. Some are intuitive and others require careful thought, and this process forms our daily experience by connecting situations with actions. On reflection this process often looks like a natural progression of steps when it may have felt like a directionless search among a shifting landscape of choice. Even though this process has a significant impact on our experience it is mostly invisible to ourselves and to others, tracing a series of decisions can help us to better understand how our values articulate the choices we make. During the creative process, a variety of internal and external factors affect our decisions, and visualizing that process can encourage reflection. Flow is a multi-platform project about making the creative process visible using a website, app, and public video installation. Students capture their process as it happens using photos and text descriptions and select key moments to share on Flow. This content is shared both on a central website and using video projection at Parsons-specific locations to trigger reflection and communicate that the creative decision making process is as much about navigating options and personal reflection as it is about the final product.

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