Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Zachary David Hurley
Zachary David Hurley

We no longer exist in one dimension, we are flesh and we are code. These two realms reference, derive and add further definition to one another while at the same time, obscure the original. A window is no longer a window but rather a graphical interface, a microsoft product, and a pane of glass. The physical and the digital have become interwoven through a process of exchanged meanings and metaphors. Our visual environments have changed as life is experienced online and off. We are no longer restricted to one appearance.The digital has become a main source of information, recognition, and distribution. But what happens when it’s actions are confronted by its tangible parallel? How can they be used outside of their normal mode of function? And what can be made from thinking outside the dimensions of the screen? TAKE IT OFFLINE attempts to explore the intersection of physical and digital representation and the grey areas that fall in between. Each experiment is a sequenced narrative transitioned and framed by definition, metaphor, and usage. This process is intended to find a newly articulated visual language that it is hybrid of these two realms, while commenting on the subject matter it is investigating. The narratives come to rest in a printed book that can longer be manipulated searched, or updated, a book that is offline.

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