Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Che Ying Au
Urban Spectrum
Che Ying Au
Urban Spectrum

Color defines the world through nature, culture and artwork. A white swan represents purity. The ocean is generally identified as blue, though its colors exist in a wide spectrum. This leads to questions about the way colors can be used to represent things and ideas in the world. How can color play a role in identity and establishment of a place? Are there things and places in the world that have not been defined through color? Urban Spectrum explores how colors can represent not only a thing but also a place without a visual identity. While there is no specific color to represent an urban space, these spaces are typically filled with random colors everywhere. In this project, one district is selected to be taken pictures of color objects on the street and use them to categories the district. This is to make a district look more colorful and playful. It is really interesting to see a district that was dull to a colorful experience tour. There is one question to ask the audience, what color is your neighborhood and why? Different people have different experiences and this will change how they see the colors in the district. The goal of this project is to make the reader to look up, not down. People who lives in the area always look down on the floor or on their phone because they are too used to the area which makes them care less about their surrounding. This is to make the reader to have a richer urban experience through the pleasure of viewing color in the everyday. Translating the daily routine and commute into an exuberant color exploration.

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