Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Jessica Griscti
Jessica Griscti

Condensed/Extended is a typefamily that writes for you. With an innovative approach to Open Type technology, the typeface Condensed takes advantage of contextual alternate features within the font to alter and shorten words and entire paragraphs while typing is in progress. Extended has a ridiculous set of add-on words and phrases whose goal is to take a piece of writing and double it in size. Condensed/Extended is an experiment in how medium influences product. When the tool constantly changes the content and form of the output, how does the product change? Is it for the better or worse? Does it inspire the user to try something unexpected? Is it possible that a lowly typeface can write the next Great American novel? Ultimately, the answer to that question is probably not (but cut me in on the royalties should you succeed, okay?) After all, I produced the typeface. I chose the words that it adds to your content. My voice will play a huge role in the product no matter who produces it. And once I design original letterforms for each font, Condensed/Extended will have my influence all over the outcome. Is it possible to produce something new with someone else’s tools?

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