Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Rusbeny Pichardo
The Joined Project
Rusbeny Pichardo
The Joined Project

Living in the 21st century means to experience constant paradigm shifts in society and technology. The creation of high-tech tools and devices impact drastically how we think and interact with our environment. Our life is depending on digital tools and we feel insecure when a cellphone is out of power or a laptop crashes. Being a graduating designer in 2015, my main interest is to explore how artists and designers oscillate between digital and non-digital mediums and how this affects and inspires their work. TheJoinedProject is a series of publications exploring how artists and designer position their current practice in the intersection of digital and non-digital processes. Each booklet of the series introduces an interview and a visual documentation of the work environment of a practicing artist or designer. While the booklet includes questions and reveals excerpts of the answers, most of the statements can be found through linked hashtags on social media. This does not only provide a hybrid reading experience to the user but invites the audience to explore the digital alter egos of the artists or designer on social networks. In this way, TheJoinedProject creates an open dialog on how media influences our current creative practice and evokes a shifting self-understanding.




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