Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Brenden Ying
Feel: How do you best relax?
Brenden Ying
Feel: How do you best relax?

Contemporary work culture puts significant focus on getting things done and constantly being productive; naturally, people see the value in needing to relax and de-stress from time to time. However, people sometimes feel guilty or anxious about taking breaks because they do not want to take time away from the work that needs to be done. How can one find balance between relieving stress and maintaining productivity? When does taking a break become slacking off? In providing specific guidelines for relaxation but presenting them in a way that is manageable and inviting, Feel is hopefully a forward step towards finding harmony between work and leisure. Feel is a series of books that gives suggestions for a variety of relaxing activities, as well as background information on the health benefits of each type of exercise; it approximates the amounts of time each activity takes and provides ample space for the user to interact with the page—through writing, drawing, or other ways of adding personal content—and record the date and time of when the activity is done. In addition, each book in the collection has a different theme to which the activities are related, such as nature, city, or music, to accommodate people’s varying interests and preferences. In being specific in its instructions but simultaneously empty and carefree, Feel lets people be productive away from the work that stresses them and discover how they best relax.




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