Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Liza Littlefield
Liza Littlefield

Curiosity is a fundamental and essential part of human growth (in many different areas – intellectual, emotional, neurological, societal, etc.) I have collected articles and information regarding these subjects, for example, what is at the root of curiosity, how it has been observed scientifically and statistically, and what its effects are on us as humans. For my thesis I am creating a tool that supplies young adults with ideas surrounding the notions of curiosity. It consists of a kit (contained in a box) that includes an informative booklet on curiosity and its natural roots. There are also interactive activities included in the kit that create opportunities for exploration and reflection in multiple scenarios (indoor, outdoor, familiar spaces, unfamiliar spaces, etc). There are playful illustrations that work to create a sense of curiosity throughout the set.There is a constant stream of new incoming information, technology, stress and overload (among other variables) in our world, that we must navigate through in order stay in-tune with ourselves. I am interested in making a tool that aids people in finding mindful, thoughtful and curious ways to reflect on themselves and the rapidly changing world around them. I’m also interested in the opportunity that this tool would have to shift their ideas or perspective on the process of learning and experiencing new things, even if only a little bit.

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