Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Mu-Ti Huang
Level On
Mu-Ti Huang
Level On

Level On is a short animation that depicts the perspective of living in reality-like playing games using gaming terminology to motivate people to live through the challenges in reality. Game designers and developers utilize core elements such as rules, goals, reward systems, and voluntary participation to keep games engaging and entertaining. Likewise, people in reality spend resources like time, energy, and money in order to overcome various challenges that reward them with achievement such as good grades, wealth, and social attention throughout the stages of their life. Even though there are challenges that are difficult or sometimes impossible to achieve, people in reality have more options than just a one-way path. Applying the gaming perspective to their life can encourage them to think about it in a different, potentially more entertaining and beneficial way. Level On presents an attempt at applying this approach through a simplified adaptation of designer’s own life experience.





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