Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Ujvala Abirami Vemparala
Mind the Gap
Ujvala Abirami Vemparala
Mind the Gap

gender discrimination has long been a problem in Indian society due to the patriarchal culture that allows for the degradation of women. These flaws in Indian society regarding gender inequality deal with specific issues that are relevant to creating the social stigma. These are: dowry death and related incidents, female genocide, violence against women, laws that disenfranchise women, wage gap, and political dogma that plays down the importance of women's rights such as politicians' comments and phrases and victim blaming by the government and the media and incorporated attitudes that promote a patriarchal society. Delving into these categories helps understand the social stigmas regarding men and women and emphasize the need for a cultural shift in thought for these problems to be eliminated. Through a course of exploring these topics through different parts of history, the design solutions presented act as an exploration and as a call to shift the cultural and social views of the people to the roots of our culture and society while adapting new thoughts and ideas.




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