Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Rosa Antonieta Andia Pastor
Rosa Antonieta Andia Pastor

In my thesis, I explored the subconscious/imagined world that lives in our dreams. While our subconscious houses all kinds of creatures and situations that can sometimes seem unreal and impossible, I believe that human emotions, such as fear, can enhance our abilities to imagine and create. The main idea behind this project is to encourage people to cope with their nightmares and perceive fears as an amazing insight into their imagination. For my thesis, I developed a sleepwear brand (REM) based on hand-drawn prints designs. As part of a collaborative process, I collected nightmares from my close friends via text messages and used these stories to develop illustrations that were turned into patterns and then applied to sleepwear. As a way to give something back, I put together sleepwear kits with their personalized prints and mailed it to them. All patterns designed in this project were personalized for each collaborator. I chose to receive each nightmare via text message to avoid being biased about what part seemed more scary or serious to each contributor. Each text went through an annotation process. I chose interesting words as inspirations for a series of illustrations. Each illustration was done by a tablet, cross-hatching with a pen tool. The line work is purely black and white, addressing positive and negative spaces found in our dreams. Each illustration is placed into different arrangements to create different patterns. Each pattern in then applied to pijamas and sleepwear accessories as personalized prints.




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