Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Nicole Ignacio
Nicole Ignacio

Voer is a luggage brand that will change your concept of traveling. Every moment of your trip should be enjoyed positively, and that is from the moment you exit your home to the moment you return to it. After years and years struggling, we decided to take some action. With a stackable system, Voer allows users to move smoothly more than one piece of luggage at a time. Figuring out what to put inside your bag is stressful, moving your bags around doesn’t have to be. Voer lets you move them all at once from your doorstep to the doorstep of your destination. With a well-designed mechanism, users can use their luggage as carts at anytime, and do not need to rely on airport carts or carriers that may not fit their luggage properly and even damage them. Every moment of your trip should be enjoyed positively. The detailed surface on the luggage helps the pieces to interlock all together in order to ensure a safe usage. By maximizing usability and providing comfort we allow our users to enjoy every single moment of the trip, including their way to airport. Voer believes in the junction of functionality and design and therefore has chosen its shapes carefully. Made out of hard, durable and lightweight material, the luggage is one of unique design. A modern and sophisticated triangular pattern is our mark and is used throughout the brand in different ways. providing a unique visual language of our own each time we apply it. Voer is not simply a luggage, but the innovation of traveling.





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