Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Daniela M. Casado
What's a File
Daniela M. Casado
What's a File

Given the rapidly increasing development of technology, it has now become easier not only to produce information but to store is as well. Given the rapidity in which this information is produced, there is a lack of meaning in the things we decide to store. The great value that individuals give to their personal computers comes from the awareness that all their information is contained within, but there is no acknowledgement of the individual files that compose this whole. "What’s a File" presents a physical representation of how personal data would look if translated to a physical context in order to provide an understanding of what are the most common behaviors and interactions an individual has with their files and their organizational system, as well to provide an understanding of how much do we actually store in our devices and why.





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