Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Taleen Setrakian
Taleen Setrakian

24h6d is an ongoing online project that aims to provide a way for the general audience to express their thoughts about contemporary art. 24h6d hopes to deliver a way to lead a more dynamic conversation around contemporary art. The contemporary art world is a very intimidating one, as it tends to target and attract a very small group of people who already acquire a thorough understanding of or education in contemporary art. Private events, celebrities and record-breaking prices flutter the web and social media, making it impossible for the general audience to feel like they deserve to interact with and share their voices about contemporary art. 24h6d aims to expose art and its significance through a more hospitable approach for the broader and more diverse audience, by allowing its users to participate in an online dialogue about contemporary artworks. 24h6d will encourage users to partake in chats by posting thoughts, responses, criticism or questions about one contemporary artwork that will be posted on the website each day. 24h6d hopes to create a conversation that addresses questions regarding the nature of what constitutes art, and to make each user feel comfortable to respond in any way that they desire. Responses by users will vary, and 24h6d will appreciate each user for their unique participation regardless of their extent of knowledge about contemporary art. Art should be able to be talked about freely by everybody, and 24h6d will open up the doors to everyone for participation in this unintimidating global dialogue.

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