Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Karen-Cristina Cruz
FORM Sports Analysis App
Karen-Cristina Cruz
FORM Sports Analysis App

FORM, a sports video analysis app is designed strictly for mobile devices that records, reviews, and analyzes the users techniques immediately with smart analytical technology. Each video is shot and viewed in a continuous sequence granting the user a more strategic break down of their biomechanical movement. The break down is a side-by-side analysis photo sequence that allows the athlete to view and understand their body’s movement, position and form. The FORM app allows athletes and coaches to watch and learn. Regardless of where in the world they’re training and whether it’s on or off the field. Created and intended for teams, FORM’s unique recording feature displays each movement in real time. With the option of an analysis, FORM is intended to advise the user where the improvement is needed most. Virtually depicting kinetics, the app represents an innovative tool and resource in understanding the body in motion.




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