Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Amanda Goldstein
This is About a Book
Amanda Goldstein
This is About a Book

Identity is the conception and expression of ones own character or individuality. In a post-modern society, fluidity of identity works alongside a static society full of structure and assumed relationships. Identity can be seen as uncertain and possesses many different parts or interpretations. Similarly, when creating a book, there are many preconceived components and necessities that go into designing it. The form of a book is a combination of many structural factors such a grid system, typography, signatures, etc. The content and form of a book is what speaks for its identity. This self-referential book serves to question how one’s sense of self and identity work within social construction and presumed standards. The book’s structure is set up in controlled signatures along with a static grid system. It begins by outlining the content, explaining the form and production of the book. It then defines words used to explain the book’s form in an ambiguous way. Through content layers of ambiguity, the book’s identity is much more fluid and erratic. Every sixteenth page contains a photograph of a photograph of itself. The use of these photos symbolizes the many levels and depth of identity. Although the book content strays away from it’s formal identity, it poses the idea of how identity works within a structured society.





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