Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Victoria Lee
Reminiscence - Nostalgia and Emotional Advertising
Victoria Lee
Reminiscence - Nostalgia and Emotional Advertising

I am investigating what emotional techniques and nostalgic visual cues advertisers implement in to their ad campaigns that makes them successful. I want to further investigate the psychological impact on how the usage of nostalgia and emotional advertisement marketing impacts consumers. The context of the issue will be contemporary print and video ads. I found that there are typical factors that advertisers apply in to their print and video advertisements that bring about the nostalgia and emotions in its viewers. I will categorize them as “visual tags” to these advertisements, and they include themes such as Child, Friends and Family, Love and Relationships, Relatable, Social Good, Time Lapse and Familiar Icons. It is interesting how there are certain typical, visual cues that touch the viewer emotionally, and thus, creates a greater impact and reaction within them. This subject matter is interesting to my audience, and that they should care about this, since they can understand the fundamentals of the visual, and how this, can create an emotional impact and response to them, even if this is done consciously or subconsciously. This subject matter is interesting for anyone who’s interested in visual media and advertising. This can include the general public, audience, and visual marketers in the business, or any designer who’s interested in what has been and is successful currently in visual marketing.

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