Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Trey Bedingfield
The Sinewy Race
Trey Bedingfield
The Sinewy Race

The complexities of designed archetypes are often presented with theoretical ideologies and perspectives from within a singular design discipline. As the growth of society progresses, problems with preexisting infrastructure will arise from the challenges of limited environmental resources. Questioning previous systems has never been so essential for critique until now. In order for new and innovative solutions to manifest, we must address the dilemma with a multidisciplinary dialogue in order to start the reconditioning process. The Sinewy Race, a new architecture and urban planning publication, will be a forum for discussion on both practical and theoretical levels. The content will approach frameworks with questions pertaining to design methods from the past, present and future. The mission is to deconstruct a complex archetype in various stages in order to understand the process and to enhance our ability to rebuild a stronger system. The publication will be collection of writings, interviews, and graphic visuals to serve as the navigation for the user to understand the issue that is being presented. The first issue, Invisible Borders, is a multidisciplinary analysis of the postal code system. It focuses on the geographical zoning boundaries in Manhattan and the political, social and economical effects it plays on the city.

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