Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Yerang Choi
Yerang Choi

Mjuk is an online magazine that is a collection of solo journeys. It explores unique travel stories at the most personal level with intimate writings and an interactive design approach. All contents include various locations and regions with distinctive themes. They are all presented as the most personal narrative: first person perspective. Mjuk means soft in Swedish, as it relates to texture. For this issue, three stories are presented: Poland for 10 Days, Walking for 17 Days in Denmark and Everything Happened in the Summer. The stories include text, video, audio, and photography. The design challenge was to personalize intimate stories that could engage with audience personally in a digital space. What is personal design? How will the audience feel engaged with the content, apart from writing? This magazine gives opportunities for young teenagers and adults to discover different places in the world and would also encourage and inspire them to travel by themselves. Mjuk does not only serve as a magazine sharing experiences of solo journeys but also creates a space for people to talk about and reflect on the concept of travelling alone beyond the digital space.

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