Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

David Marte
David Marte

Even though homosexuality is openly accepted in many areas of our society and across diverse cultures, there are still many members of the gay community who are trying to hide due to a familiar, religious or social situation. “Aparentando” explores the cost of pretending through personal narratives of people who were or still are in the process of pretending. Sharing their stories does not only support the individual but also foster understanding in a broader sense within our society. The personal narratives are captured in videos and displayed as a triptych. The centerpiece of the triptych depicts a traditional interview situation in which the person addresses the audience directly. The video on the right is showing the person facing the people that evoked the pretending while the screen on the left captures their experience in body language. While reflecting their most intense emotional memories, the videos on both sides will turn off to allow the audience to focus. This initiative is supported by the NGO “All Out” and promoted through a cross-media strategy using posters, web banners, and installations of videos in the urban contexts. The audience will be guided to find further information and a platform to discuss and exchange their own experiences on

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