Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Taylor Childers
Taylor Childers

Inventabet is an alphabet exploration toolkit. With 24 stamps and an array of alphabet-inspired activities, Inventabet encourages you to see letters at more than face value. You’ll notice Inventabet’s stamps don’t exactly resemble letters. Instead, they are composed of shapes that are stamped on top of one another to build a new letterform. children tend to learn shapes before they begin to understand letterforms; they’ll see an A as a triangle before they understand it to be a letter. Therefore, Inventabet is a new way of looking at the alphabet that is worthwhile to kids (and also adults, at least the type and design nerds, so there’s some bonus material included in the toolkit for them too). The kit comes with several activities, including an alphabet poster and a crossword puzzle designed to get a child interacting with the stamps in a meaningful way. To use Inventabet, all you need to do is choose your stamp and ink, press the stamp to paper, and repeat. Inventabet hopes to motivate a child struggling to learn how to write to keep trying. The toolkit will get them to think about the alphabet as an activity rather than a chore, which will inspire kids (and their grown ups) to build and understand their own unique alphabet. In my own work I've found that adding an element of play to parameters allows me to produce the most stress-free, intriguing, and creative work. Inventabet aims to do the same for children learning how to read and write.

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