Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Stefania Brusatin
The iLand
Stefania Brusatin
The iLand

"Don’t leave your phone behind!" Sounds normal, right? We are hooked! There is no turning back, this technology is only ours to master. The idea of spamming a specific site comes from the urgency I see in our energy consumption. I asked myself: "How can I send a message and be certain people are going to read it?" Captive portals are websites that pop-up when you are looking for phone reception. I decided to make a booklet to explain how to create a hotspot, a captive portal, and a jamming system. iLand is an exploratory campaign that provides tools such as portable jamming devices, enabling the user to introduce another signal for broadcasting of messages. I hope that it will be a message filled with ideas of how we can battle excessive behavior, like smart-phone usage and energy consumption. My devices will be able to block 3G and 4G cellphone services and are meant to be used in spaces like parties and other social gatherings. This thesis directly engages with the smartphone contradiction (the toolkit is meant mostly for smartphones): technology that is powerful enough to make anyone a world-wide broadcaster, has made us all a private island when it comes to real time interaction. This set of tools, has the potential of generating infinite situations. Use them wisely.






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