Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2015

Jocelyn Wu
Flow: Education Through Interconnected Sense Experiences
Jocelyn Wu
Flow: Education Through Interconnected Sense Experiences

Our senses are the foundation to how we perceive the world, in which the combination of all our accounts of visuals, sounds, tastes, odors, and tactility define our understanding of the environment. However, our technological advancements have stunted the performance of analog activity and its power to enhance creativity, due to divided learning categories rather than through interconnected relationships. Thus, the education of sensory perception would give children the responsibility of interpretation, to have a learning experience that’s stimulated by the five senses. Flow investigates the malleability of the five senses, using the physical form of a toy to allow for exploration and experimentation. It’s created for children ages 3-7 and couples together a sense directory along with a deck of cards that act as a workbook. This combination of objects provides the opportunity to feel each sense in a different perspective, allowing them to retain memorable experiences. With a more comprehensive knowledge of each individual sense, they can respond to information and exercise their senses in different ways to creatively narrate their own.




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