Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Joanne Chai Wen Lim
We Are What We Post
Joanne Chai Wen Lim
We Are What We Post

In today’s society, social media plays a role in the individuals that we are. We have created an identity of the self through this virtual world. These constructed “online” persona often skews and creates a layer of representation of a person. Thus, leading us to believe that we are what we post on these social media platform. This massive amount of information that we use to fill our virtual blank page forces us to create our identity. We aren’t all celebrities, but social media puts us in the public eye. I chose to use my friends as subjects for my thesis and I “cyber stalked” them to collect information and better understand their virtual identities. By analyzing their use of social media and their social media patterns, I realize that there are existing typologies of people that exist in this virtual world. I would like to present this book that I’ve created in a format that highlights the interesting traits of these typologies. The rewarding process of putting this book together is to find out about different facades and personalities of these people that I did not know about in reality.




Iris Li
Octavio Llano
El Lobo