Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2014

Parsons School of Design
BFA Communication Design
Thesis 2014

The Internet is an interconnection system that is a global machine computer network, using a set of standard data transfers. Transcendental delivery we can call it. All data, all information can be perceived as narrative. Narrative as storytelling is everywhere and in every mouth. The digital revolution concerns not only the appearance, the observer, but the organizing system of our perceptions, our thoughts and our relationships, to the new modes of visualization of data. Moreover, it is not only a technical event, but a major philosophical event that alters our perceptual structures and reconfigure our sense of reality. The technics are not only the tools, they are structures of perception. They determine how the world appears to us, the phenomena we are given. For nearly half a century, digital technologies provided us with perceptions of an unknown world. These beings that emerge from our screens and our interfaces disrupt the idea that we have of what is real and what isn’t. Through new visuals we are learning to perceive. Playing on perception games, and how to show, in an unconventional way, visual elements, such as illustrations, images, photographies, collages, and digital art, Loss Rehearsal is a parallax website. A website where the viewer needs to scroll down to follow a narrative, a story. Errors will occur and pack the machine, unable to remember the end of the narrative. The visuals are based on a poetic muse, they present an unknown facets of digital visuals. The narrative, as it goes along, because of errors occurring, become confused, loses all sense, loses elements, data, until no longer able to be viewed by lack of information and resources. Loss Rehearsal portrait’s a fall, which symbolizes the loss of data. Error in the narrative process. Failure of technology. . . What would happen if the internet data system would not be able to trace data sources anymore? What would happen to the visuals? This project will question the notion of digital memory at a time when we store bulk computer data reflecting our every- day life. In a few years the web has become the witness of our memories and our memories based on the hard drives of our computers. What is the risk we are taking?

Sarah Alfulaij

Michael Anderson

Darwin Andrango

Leonardo Araujo

Atif Azam

Kyle Barber

Rachel Bernstein

Jillian Black

Matthew Boblet

Mallory Brennan

Joel Califa

Rosaurora Cardenas

Flora Chan

Hanna Chang

Julie Hanna Chea

Abby Wanyu Chen

Justin Cheung

Sherylene Chew

YunHee Choi

Mehr Chopra

Lu Chuang

YooMin Chun

Key Peum Chung

Haesoo Chung

Tyler Cohen

Vernicia Colon

Samantha Cooper

Gabriela d'Amato

Roderic David

Ambar Del Moral

Taryn Dooley

Anthony Duong

Patricia Encarnaciòn

Evelee Estevez

Virginia Leigh Farrell

Kean Ferin

Adam Fernandez

Enrique Ferreyros

Férvido Frías

Jane Gardner

Stephanie Gonzalez

Danielle Gorodenzik

Omar Greene

Gabrielle Guglielmelli

Elda Hadajian

Joy Han

Emma Hanson

Julio Hernandez

Jacob Hernandez

Chris Hong

Ann Yung Chu Hsieh

Xinle Jill Huang

Thanh Cong Huynh

Anthony Iciano

Wesley Johnson

Polina Kadkina

Byoungok Kim

Gena Kim

Lindsey Kim

Lucia Ji Won Kim

Tiffany Kim

Hyo Taek Kim

Esther Kim

Ga Hyun Kim

Jane Kim

Jae Young Kim

Daniella Krihely

Andrea Latimer

Seulbi Lee

Jina Lee

Yongmin Lee

JiYun Lee

Julie Lee

Jae Yong Lee

Iris Li

Joanne Chai Wen Lim

Octavio Llano

Rebecca Low

Andrea Fiorella Martinez

Odile Martínez-Santamari

Gerald Morin

Nadine Muhtadi

Phuong Nguyen

Brandon Nicolas

Seema Nisar

Grant Noel

Neal Oh

Solgil Oh

Valentina Pherson

Elli Pohl

Cody Pumper

Regina Puno

Shem Rajoon

Fabian Rastorfer

Bryan Ribeiro

Konstantinos Riginos

Sarah Rim

YoungHee Ryu

Sylvia Saborio

Joamir Salcedo

Camille Sacha Salvador

Emilio Sanchez

Katherine Santos

Joely Saravia

Amber Rose Seppi

Pauline Shin

Jennifer Shin

Anjana Singhwi

Renee Sluzhevsky

Meghan Smart

Noelle Smith

Chrystal Soegandhi

Wannina Somboonvechakarn

Albert Son

Suho Song

Charmaine Kwan Tung Sum

Natasha Sumant

Aija Suuta

Rachal Tai

Lisa Thieffry

Natashia Tjandra

Natasha Villarraga

Robert Vinluan

Francisco Vivar

Simone Wagner

Robert Waluszko

Kathleen Wang

Ashley Wayne

Boyun Yang

Kanny Yeung

Taylor Zanke

Frankie Zek

Sharon Zhang

Jody Zhou

Tiffany Zhu

Or Zubalsky