Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Chrystal Soegandhi
Link Up
Chrystal Soegandhi
Link Up

To build a world without strangers through your existing social network! With today’s rapid change and technological innovations, people sometimes find it hard to meet and interact with each other. Link Up is an app, which helps bridge technology and social interactivity focusing on already established networks. It helps in aiding balance by integrating social, emotional, and physical welfare in one application, connecting via your existing Facebook Social Media/Contacts. This app will enable interaction of doing activities together through your interests and preferences. It facilitates communication between mutually interested recipients, and helps you get to know more people around your social circle. All you do is just Link Up with them. Need a jogging partner or a film buddy to watch the latest movie with? Link Up. Discover people around your network without randomly meeting strangers with zero common mutual friends and no history background association and help create barriers for your own safety without completely being a social outcast. Say no to a world of strangers who meet randomly and be smart, just Link Up.

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