Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Andrea Fiorella Martinez
Are We Having Fun Yet
Andrea Fiorella Martinez
Are We Having Fun Yet

There is something extremely special about ones adolescence. It is a time when making mistakes isn’t always a bad thing. We are given this time period to experiment, make mistakes, and transition into the person we want to become. Unfortunately it is not the case for everyone. Some people aren’t given this opportunity to enjoy this time period. Some kids are forced to become adults too soon. So what’s the rush? This time should be cherished. “Teen Dream” is a book specifically designed for teens. Through out the book are reflections of new young adults, and their experiences during their time as adolescence. As well as interviews from high school students, and submissions from anonymous teens and young adults. “Endless Bummer” is the second book, designed for parents to in a way help clear this gap of misunderstanding. These books have the same content but a different tone of language. Adolescence can be a difficult period due to some lack of communication between adults and kids. These books serve as a reflection of this time to show that once there is a platform of communication, this time can be precious. With some guidance, patience and trust teens everywhere can develop into the people they want to be.




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