Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Camille Sacha Salvador
Aesthetic of the Fall
Camille Sacha Salvador
Aesthetic of the Fall

Aesthetic of the Fall is an ongoing exploration of “falling” as a state of being and a feeling. From falling apart to falling into place, it is an attempt to find a new articulation of the term, and suggest new meanings for it. Partly informed by the events of September 11, this project is the product of a long- term attempt to cope with the feeling of groundlessness and angst or “dizziness of freedom” that the events of thirteen years ago instigated. Through a series of photographs, the aim is to unfold and re-enact the fall, conveying it in a more neutral and universal way. Carefully sequenced, the black and white images are stripped of their emotional substance: the viewer is free to produce or find meanings. The recording of objects before, during and after a fall, proposes a metaphorical reflection on the experience of falling, relating it to existentialist philosophy and Kierkegaardian angst – described in his archetype of a man standing at the edge of a cliff. The book is spatial: through blank pages, the viewer is confronted with a void and is required to make a choice whether to engage with it or not, confronting him to his own freedom of choice: it can be a threshold one chooses to cross or a wall that one avoids. Aesthetic of the Fall is also a reflection on the role and use of graphic design. In this context, graphic design is both means and an end, both content and form – and becomes a tool to raise questions instead of solving problems.

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