Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Jae Yong Lee
Time Flows Like Water
Jae Yong Lee
Time Flows Like Water

Imperative in today’s fast- paced digital age, Time is a commodity we never seem to have enough of. As technology advances, so do expectations and pressure to do more, know more, to keep pace with the increasing speed and volume of information flow. Our lives continue to spread thin, caught up in an endless race to keep up with too many things all at once, planning ahead for a distant future while never fully reflecting on what it means to live in the present. I want to create a piece that reminds people of what they seem to have forgotten — that Time is a formidable, awe-inspiring, yet at the same time, fleeting and limited resource that should never be take for granted. Time is also one of surroundings of people’s life cycle. It is a force that surrounds and rules every living creatures. Time is like water. It flows like water. Time is the beginning of every nature. Like underwater, there are always rays of light that make it bright and as time flows, the direction & location of rays changes, in different period time. And those light guides us to think about time flows differently in natural environments. Time flows endlessly. There is no such an end, in flow of time. Since there is no such an end in time, it brings loss and gains for one life. It may be interpreted as a mystical force. Observing to one butterfly’s life cycle, caterpillar, the mid-stage cocoon, and finally, the butterfly the final stage, demonstrates that, as Arthur Stanley Eddington once said, “Time is a supreme law of nature.” Natural plants that people always see in the park, in different seasons, there is always an end in their lifespan. Time is the stream of life. It runs the life to move forward to its limit, the end of their lifespan. It is like water. It is entity that is intangible; but, it affects on everything that has cycle of life. Thus, time flows like water.

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