Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Meghan Smart
Creative Trashcan
Meghan Smart
Creative Trashcan

The intangible nature of design manifests insecurity amongst creative thinkers. The Creative Trashcan aims to create a movement that fuels people to collaborate and look beyond critique. The project celebrates the passion that drives all creative minds by focusing on struggle and process, embodying the humbling character of design practice. The goal from this undertaking is a facilitation of conversation, strengthening of community and most importantly, a motivation to push for deeper creative explorations. At this point in time I have two Creative Trashcan projects, but the idea is that this is a continuous process. “Issue 1” will be a zine featuring raw con- versations with creatives discussing their experiences and process. I’m hoping to highlight my two main objectives through the dialogue — collaboration and iteration. The first issue will be five designers in my direct network. From there, each designer will recommend someone for the next magazine. This chain will enable a physical collective within the pages of every publication. “Designr” is based off the infamous app “Tinder.” Instead of a resource for dating, this app will link designers of similar taste and process in an efficient manner. Being an initiative of the Creative Trashcan, Designr connects creative practitioners not through polished success stories but well curated trash.

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