Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Omar Greene
Space Noodles
Omar Greene
Space Noodles

Space Noodles is a multifunctional platform with an exciting new way of experiencing digital platforms. Space Noodles inception is to create a unique approach to digital frameworks, to stand out from some of the similar building blocks in I found in platforms like Noodles. Noodle takes a step towards revolutionizing digital platforms giving each user the control over the freedoms and creativity of growing their social network. You will have the option connecting to anyone in your space one to one at a given time, building and sharing the projects you like in Noodles. These projects can take the form of prototypes, snippets of codes, images, videos or post. Working in Space Noodles can be an intimate setting, that allows you to build your community of like minded individuals who can offer support to your vision by working closely over our unique API / boards. Space Noodles has functions of many digital platforms and more, like our approach to navigating space with a three dimensional feel. Some platforms may have the similarities Noodles, but when it comes down to online communities a creative space Noodles has the edge you need. Noodles put the emphasis on personalizing shared experience to give the creative social communication network the right spark to make the process a fun and easy way to creating prototypes and sharing ideas in your area of interest. Users can share through features like chat, instant messages, and test boards or prototypes.





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