Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Yongmin Lee
Costumed Characters in Times Square
Yongmin Lee
Costumed Characters in Times Square

How much do we or can we get to know unspecified, random people of our daily life without any communication? The objective of this project is to research the characteristic of the information/data gained from regular observations on sites such as Times Square in New York, in this case. The costumed characters in Times Square is the target of the observation. Beyond their costume, it is hard to guess what is inside. Their face, age, gender, etc; it all leave a question mark. However it is certain that they are always there on same spots to be in the picture with tourists. The information documented here is one that could be easily collected from the same routes of the one specific area on a regular time base (same time, three times a week). This book, as a mediator, will lead the readers to acquire the information of the targets. In that vein, readers will put themselves on the position where they can also be read by others. They will also have opportunities what kind of information they are providing in any ways.




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