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BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Cody Pumper
Cody Pumper

The Institute for Global Enhancement of the Individual and Society through Technology, hereby known as the GEIST Institute, was founded with the global consciousness in mind. We are here to jumpstart the advancement of humanity. What does that mean for you? It means GEIST is 100% behind you. We will push you to your greatest capabilities, beyond what any average individual could hope to achieve. How? Advance. Advance is your first step towards a better you. It is the first in what will be a slew of developments from GEIST Institute to be released to the public. Advance will redirect and refine the wayward impact technology has on you into something that’s more productive and wholly beneficial to your small, personal life. Its initial launch will be as a mobile application, providing integration of GEIST’s research on Individual development. Advance tracks the way a Individual uses currently available applications and websites. Employing a motivational message-based interface, the platform is designed to train Individuals like yourself to better embrace the current technologies and explore new ones in order to become a more Fortunate Individual. By integrating with other services, Advance presents trackable data for seven core ability areas of the Fortunate Individual: Knowledge, Cognizance, Focus, Fitness, Ingenuity, Wellness, and Directive. It quantifies an Individual’s efforts in each of these areas and issues each Individual a level-based ranking in based upon continued efforts and additional metrics. We can’t go into detail about these additional metrics. Some elements of the Advance initiative must remain secretive. Progression of the Fortunate Individual is tracked weekly and then analyzed to determine if an Individual’s efforts have been sufficient enough to advance to the next level in each given ability area. Fortunate Individuals are also issued a Total Level—the combination of their levels from all ability areas—providing an accurate estimation of an Individual’s potential for life advancement through technology. Providing both a unified personal tracking experience and a plat- form for discovering new applications, we believe Advance is right for you, Fortunate Individual. Come and give us a try.






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