Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Evelee Estevez
Social Havoc
Evelee Estevez
Social Havoc

I don’t know who I am but it would appear as though Facebook and Instagram do. Looking back at my images and text based posts, I wonder what a stranger would think of me. My digital identity has only been alive since 2005 but it records and does not change. The private information, preferences, and even relationships I had, I gave to my friends and followers even strangers. What is given online is the information that the individual decides to share which signifies who that person is or wants to be. It is as much about the influence of others as it is the way you portray yourself. I wanted to compare and contrast who we are online against who we are in real life through tasks meant to be completed while using social media as a platform. My thesis makes you re-evaluate your relationships with your “friends” and “followers.” It takes you out of your comfort zone, questions how you view yourself, and challenges the insecurities that are usually hidden behind the ability to edit yourself. This game mainly integrates Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as other social platforms. It is based on a point system, can be played by anyone with a smartphone and/or tablet, and makes you do silly things. Through these tasks and questions, the offline persona will be tested, under the pressure of the players and even time.





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