Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Sarah Rim
Sarah Rim

Loss comes in different degrees. Its scale can be determined by the measure of its impact, who it impacts, the value of what was lost. Loss is inevitable, as it is something everyone goes through day by day, even if by small degrees. My thesis revolves around this notion, as I address minor and relatable moments of grief in the form of sympathy cards. The cards are meant to emphasize that by over- coming minor losses, one can be more prepared to face the major ones. The examples of loss displayed in the cards are meant to be light-hearted and ease people into talking about loss. Humor is a great tool to combat a heavy topic, if used properly and respectfully. If used in this manner, people are able to relax and throw off some of the burden revolving the topic. Loss happens, but it can be a great teaching tool because sometimes it takes losing something to realize its true worth. One may remain resilient in the face of unfortunate circumstances, because there is still life and moments of joy beyond these losses.




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