Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Jennifer Shin
Be You
Jennifer Shin
Be You

Memorial is often used as a term in relation to a death, tragedy, a mark of an event, or anniversary portrayed by a significant monument. It ranges from a historical marker, a monument, or a memorial plague. Memorials are coded in the remembrance of the deceased, leading to memory: the psychological process in which information is stored and retrieved. Earlier on the project development, I interviewed friends, acquaintances, and strangers by asking them about special moments that they wish to memorialize from the last year, by symbolizing these memories with a certain object, a feeling, a place or weather in the simplest terms as possible. Seeing this, I developed a total of 365 questions to prompt memories in a random order, correlating to the number of days within a year. Be You is separated into twelve different chapters, in relation to the twelve months of a year. Each chapter is a self-reflecting diary of a specific month, reevaluating one’s simplest memories and events within the timeframe of 365 days. With its circular form, it represents time in its simplicity — memories are timeless. What is worth remembering? Consider moments from yesterday, last week, this month, last month, three months, six months, and exactly one year from today.

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