Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Sylvia Saborio
Vee Vo
Sylvia Saborio
Vee Vo

Vee Vo is a visual representation of the mutual agreement that exists between nature and technology. With synthetic biology formulating living organism into functioning biological machines, the possibilities of the future are endless. New technology explores a complex level of engineering that has recently returned to nature. Having control over machines has been done. Having control over living organisms is for the new century. Through the use of genetically modified bacteria, engineered to pageant an array of distinct color, I seek to branch out from traditional printing techniques and explore a humorous medium: bacteria. A visual textile display achieved through coarse laboratory sessions is the outcome of this project. The natural state of the universe, although manipulated and com- piled into a controlled setting, comprises a lack of absolute control. Instilling strict regulations to control a matter that would otherwise grow erratically shows how there is a constant dialogue between science, technology, and life. There is an underlying beauty in the delicacy of these organisms. The uncertainty of what is to come rekindles a human vulnerability we seemed to have misplaced. There is a delicate balance that needs to be achieved, and this exploration not only embodies this balance, but also makes it possible. No two products are alike. The imperfection of such is its most valued attribute. The heart of the issue is a matter of power, and the ability to manipulate that from which we come from. While we can change the form of bacteria, microbes, and other organisms; they can, as well, manipulate us. The key is finding the balance at which both entities can coexist, making a symbiotic relationship possible.

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