Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Ann Yung Chu Hsieh
One Earth
Ann Yung Chu Hsieh
One Earth

One Earth is a new type of green project that emphasize the harmony of the Earth, displaying the difference between human and other living species’ lifestyles, and delivering a meaningful message for all citizens of the Earth. The project has two parts: street projections for a general audience and a seasonal children’s environmental activity book. video projections allow the viewer to have their own interpretation and visual media is the direct way to evoke an emotion. I am hoping to use a more friendly and positive tone to remind all the people about their relationship with the Earth, rather than an ordinary green project that motivate people through guilt or sadness. There will be four projections placed on four different sites in the city based on the target audience. The children’s environment activity book will be designed as an reinforcement for adult and kids to learn how to protect our Earth together. We have been living in the comfortable yet maybe not sustainable way for too long; it is hard to change us. If we and the future generation can initiate an active green heart, there is more hope for us and the Earth.

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