Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Elda Hadajian
Elda Hadajian

Innerviews is a monthly publication that explores multifaceted cultures and perspectives on transition and on our interaction with our environment. Each issue encompasses an entire day in a city, filled with interviews, personal stories and photographs of people that I met up with that day in that city. The entire content of the issue is collected during those 24 hours. The publication was created as a way to portray real, authentic people of diverse cultural and creative backgrounds and showcase their personal perspectives and experiences. Innerviews is a collection of conversations and thoughts that naturally and curiously happen when you are just starting to find your way and are figuring out who you are, particularly when you are transitioning to life in a new city. I hope to create a community that appeals to a young passionate audience, across multiple cities around the world. At a time when the web has become the main avenue of communication, I also want Innerviews to be a tribute to the precious medium of paper. Each issue is treated with care and a keen attention to detail as we experiment and play with different types of paper. The Innerviews website was created to complement the issue and is meant to be a completely immersive and dynamic experience. It also features some of the locations that were visited during the day of the issue.






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