Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Lu Chuang
Lu Chuang

Colors are used as signs or messages to convey one’s emotions. Based on what we have learned about color theory, we are constrained by stereotypes of what each color means as well as how certain colors could represent certain feelings or emotions. However, a color could possibly express different feelings and emotions depending on its material, shade and texture. It is hard to unify the theory of colors into a simple explanation that applies to everyone. Different factors affect people’s emotion to colors. In most of my past work, I have been transforming ideas into colors to show a set of emotions and messages. My thesis continues this exploration. I created a collection of images about the color red, showing how it represents a variety of emotions through our daily objects that we would not necessarily connect to any specific emotion. The color red is one of the most extreme colors, and usually considered an impulsive color, often representing anger. However, it could also be presented as a joyous color that represents the opposite of anger. By using different materials, shades, and textures, I hope to show that people can react to the color red in variety of different ways.




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YooMin Chun
New New York City