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Thesis 2014

Hyo Taek Kim
Lucid: A Dreamer Starter Kit
Hyo Taek Kim
Lucid: A Dreamer Starter Kit

Consistently entering lucid dreams may allow you to time travel. Lucid dreaming is like having your own time machine. You are able to go back in time, live in the present, or go forward, as your heart desires. A lucid dream is a dream in which the dreamer is able to partially control his or her surroundings while letting imagination run freely. Typically, they “wake up” in their dreams and question the reality of their existence within the environment. Once in this state of mind, the dreamers are highly likely to seek out past experiences from the awaken life. I learned to lucid dream back in high school. As soon as I had my first lucid dream, I felt like a window had been opened inside of my brain. Now, I am able to visualize different worlds, animals, creatures, spirits and many other forms and shapes in these dreams. I jump extremely high, walk on walls and fly through clouds. I see people I have not seen in ages, like my brother who passed away a couple of years ago. I use my sleeping time as a time to let my imagination run wild and a way to use all my creative abilities. As soon as I wake up, I tend to talk about my dreams with others, write them down or paint them so I don’t forget my dreams; these techniques enhance my ability to recapitulate real life experiences in my dreams. This lucid dreaming starter kit will promote relaxation and the ability to enter lucid dreams with more ease. However, this is more than just a tool-kit, this is a userfriendly time machine that will take you around time, places and space.





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