Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Gena Kim
Bronx Zoo mobile App for Kids
Gena Kim
Bronx Zoo mobile App for Kids

In a zoo, children learn by observing animals. However, wouldn’t it be better to add to typical experience? children normally follow the adults or wander around the zoo. But what if children (age 5–7) had a journey to complete while they are at the zoo and receive a prize at the end of the experience? The journey will provide both fun and learning for kids. Using interactive functions on a smart phone or tablet PCs, children will have a chance to explore the large space and create their own adventures during their trip. Every time they complete a task they can collect a card and once a number of collections are gathered, the children receive a prize at the end. Tasks will mainly focus on learning about animals. They will learn about how the animals look like, diet, habitat, spelling, etc. The tasks will ask the children to answer questions; like find a particular animal, find out what color an animal is, and draw the animal, and where they are from among other things. These kinds of experiences give help children and perhaps make them want to come to the zoo again to complete another mission and collect a different prize. The main purpose is to allow visitors and children to gain a better experience. It is important for children learn, play, and have fun at the same time.





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