Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Darwin Andrango
Mythical Treats
Darwin Andrango
Mythical Treats

Mythical Treats is a unique fantastical candy experience sure to please the kid on the inside. Whether it’s dragons, unicorns, or mermaids, Mythical Treats has you covered. Mythical Treats helps you explore your imagination in a more in-depth fashion. Each treat is based on a characteristic of a mythical creature; the treats range from mermaid scales to unicorn horns and other fantastical features. Mythical Treats was created from my fascination with the mystery of these creatures and the joy of candy, what better way to continue playtime through the use of candy. Mythical treats aims to fulfill this desire by providing a captivating candy experience. The design of Mythical Treats was heavily inspired by the Art Nouveau era in order to give the packaging a fairy-tale appeal. Some of the inspirations include Hans Christian Andersen and The Grimm Brothers fairytale books, and Art Nouveau graphic artists such as Théophile Steinlen and Alphonse Mucha. Overall each product is designed to be bespoke for each creature while applying an Art Nouveau aesthetic. I created original names for each product and hand crafted most of the candy included in my project. With Mythical Treats I hope to encourage people to keep on imagining while at the same time enjoying a sweet treat.




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