Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Haesoo Chung
Healthy Tidbits
Haesoo Chung
Healthy Tidbits

Have you ever tried to we wake up in the morning, the kind of food we lose weight in a healthy way? First of all, why are you trying to lose weight? The body image has been concerned through all the age groups ever since we could remember. We are highly focused on dropping numbers on the weight scale and forget about what that diet is doing to our body. If we think about it carefully, the weight loss and weight gain comes from our daily routine. The time eat, the kind of exercise we do everyday are the cause of our appearance. Before considering all those weight issues, there are basic “rules” we need to follow to maintain our body system healthy. There are six essential nutrients we need to have in our everyday life to keep our body to feel as healthy as possible. This book will help you to learn the nutrients you need to make up a healthy routine. The information will be written in conversational sentences to make the reader feel like they are talking with the book itself as they are turning the clear pages. Scientifically proven facts and information from documentaries will be added as well to gain trust with the reader as well. Losing weight is not the focus of the book but to assist the reader to take a step further in making a healthier routine through six essential nutrients.




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