Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

Julio Hernandez
Constructed Cognitions
Julio Hernandez
Constructed Cognitions

Today more and more people attempt to capture a moment and preserve it in time. This is most notably done through different methods of recording. When looking at a recording, it is not actually the essence of the moment that has been documented, but the recording is a separate and new entity apart from but still connected to that instant in some form. Memories as they are experienced are constructed, they are not accessed via a database but they are reconstructed each and every time they are recalled. With this thinking the construction of time is neither static nor linear but it is experienced as an amalgam of trajectories all effecting one another. I plan to explore this by accessing photographs of the past predominantly recorded by my father, as he would regularly document everyday events in an attempt to hold onto something of ephemeral nature. Often there where records kept of moments that seem to be of the “everyday” but overtime they gain new meaning. Using these excerpts, I plan to act as a sculptor using fragments of the past and present to illuminate these concepts of memory. This project will take form as a projection based installation with a multichannel sound component. Viewers can move throughout the space and watch the projected composition while each individual will have a set of headphones playing a different track corresponding with the projection. The space will be comfortable and informal, fostering a time for reflection and contemplation.

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