Parsons School of Design

BFA Communication Design

Thesis 2014

JiYun Lee
Finding About Myself
JiYun Lee
Finding About Myself

Since the last thesis project, I wanted to keep the concept of storytelling and photographing. However, my last work, a narrative photo book, was more towards an illustration book than a design book so I slightly change my book direction into design photo book instead. I started to think about what I like to do in general, so that dives me to think what I do in daily life and see the patterns of my days. I like collecting items and to carry or have them in bags or some kind of containers. So I decided to take photographs of my collections of items, and show as a book. The items are representing who I am without having any words, only by the sets of the images. My thesis is storytelling about myself throughout the collection of my personal belongings, which presented by a design photo book within a sense of hierarchy. I have several rules for the book, which keeps my book in consistency. In order to do it I placed every container on the left side of the spread, and the items that go in to the corresponding container are in the right of the spread. Everything is photographed top-down view. The book has the page numbers within the photographs, so every image order is in planned out before taking photographs. There is nothing on the pages except the images, so the captions are written at the back of the book. My objective is to expand my design skills from every part of the book that I am creating, as well as, to think and know about myself from others when they become the audiences for my book.

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